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our bio’s – who we are

Abinaya – she/her/hers

rush, mental health, loneliness, friends

Hey guys, I’m Abinaya and I am a senior from outside of St.Louis, MO studying biomedical engineering and computer science. At Duke, I am involved in a few tech and engineering related clubs, namely DTech and BMEs as well as research. In my free time, I love to watch movies, travel, and recently, do Zoom workouts (considering I can’t actually go to the gym). Duke has been filled with both great and stressful experiences for me and I have learned a lot in my past three years here, both about myself and about the environment around me. I have especially realized the power of having somebody to lean on and talk to and hope to listen and help anybody who needs it.


Ananya – she/her/hers

friends, family, missing home, international student, academic stress, major/career indecision, time management

Hello! My name is Ananya, and I’m a senior from Mumbai, India. I’m majoring in Biology and minoring in Psychology here at Duke. I love working out, playing basketball, dancing, spending time in nature, and reading. College is a beautiful time for growth and learning but it comes with its fair share of challenges. Navigating homesickness and indecision about my career have been two of my biggest challenges at Duke. I am here for you if you are feeling lost or need someone to talk to, so please feel free to reach out to me. I will listen with an open heart. Sending lots of love your way!


Angela  – she/her/hers

rush, mental health, loneliness, friends, disordered eating, body image, grief/loss, body image

Hello!! I am a current junior from Maryland majoring in Biology/Chemistry. Some of my hobbies include hiking, rock climbing, any outdoor activity, painting, and playing piano. I’m also a complete bookworm and am currently reading The Lilac Girls (phenomenal book so far!).


Anna – she/her/hers

rush, loneliness, friends, family, missing home, student of color, sexual assault, relationships, body image

I’m Anna, a sophomore from Moraga, CA studying economics, public policy, and history. I love spending time in the wellness garden, watching way too much netflix (law & order! the good place! the 100!), going on hikes, and cooking for my friends & family. I definitely think Duke can be amazing, but also super tough at the same time. It absolutely took me a long while to adjust & just find my place here, but know that in time you will. If you ever want to talk, I’d love to chat about anything & everything- please feel free to reach out! I am here & ready to listen 🙂


Astrid – she/her/hers

rush, mental health, loneliness, friends, family, missing home, student of color, disordered eating, racial identity, relationships, grief/loss, body image

Howdy! I’m Astrid, a junior from Santa Fe, New Mexico pursuing Psychology & Public Policy majors with a minor in Education. I love to run, write in my journal, make silly powerpoints, listen to podcasts, and take (albeit often arbitrary) personality tests. Coming to Duke without any connections from home, my adjustment to college was admittedly difficult; I struggled balancing school, friends, rush, a romantic relationship, all while attempting to maintain my own mental health. That being said, the ups and downs of the first two years showed me so much of what Duke has to offer, and I hope that I can offer support through all of the tumults and triumphs of college. I am here for you!


Avery – she/her/hers

rush, mental health, loneliness, friends, family, missing home, grief/loss, body image

Hi! I’m a senior from Seattle majoring in biology. I’m interested in the existence of microbes on other worlds and am hoping to work at NASA! I sail and play the oboe, and love working in Duke research labs. I have certainly had ups and downs and Duke, and would love to talk to anyone who reaches out to me.


Carolyn – she/her/hers

rush, mental health, loneliness, friends, family, missing home, racial identity, relationships, grief/loss

Hello! My name is Carolyn and I’m a junior from Dallas, Texas. I’m studying Neuroscience and Global Health and hope to attend medical school someday. Duke has definitely been a stressful place for me at times and I’ve gone through my fair share of struggles, academically and socially. But doing the things I love–discovering my new favorite food, playing volleyball, taking a study break in the Duke gardens, and spending time with the people I love always helps me feel better at the end of the day 🙂 Please feel free to talk to me about anything that’s on your mind–your feelings are valid and I am here to listen.


Dayna – she/her/hers

rush, mental health, loneliness, friends, low-income/first-generation student, relationships

Hey there! My name is Dayna and I’m a junior from rural Iowa. I’m majoring in Psychology with a minor in Neuroscience, and am especially interested in child psychology. Coming from such a small town, it was a HUGE transition to Duke, but have now find my place here and am involved in the Tomasello lab and FAC Board among many other communities that I love. I’m also an avid tennis fan (mainly a Roger Federer fan) and love baking whenever I get the chance.


Deney – she/her/hers

mental health, loneliness, friends, family, missing home, student of color, racial identity, sexual assault, grief/loss, religion

Hello!! I’m Deney, a sophomore from Madison, Wisconsin planning to major in Biology and Sociology. I enjoy doing anything artsy and crafty, binging TV shows, and also partaking in retail therapy from time to time. I definitely encountered a lot of struggles my first year and found my mental health crashing down. But with the support of people around me, I learned to balance, navigate, and fall in love with life at Duke. I would love to listen and chat with you!


Eleanor – she/her/hers

Hi I’m Eleanor George, a senior who transferred into Duke and went through the first year process twice. Even though each time was different, I understand that building friendships and a support network take time, which is why I am a part of Peer For You. If anyone is in need of support and someone to listen and validate, you have come to the right place. I also have been through difficult medical and familial issues if anyone is looking for an understanding ear on those topics as well.


Euna  – she/her/hers

mental health, loneliness, international student, relationships, grief/loss

Hello, I am Euna Cho and I am a sophomore from South Korea. As a freshman, I have intended to major in neuroscience and global health. However, I decided to design my own major through Program 2 while pursuing pre-health track. Being away from home, undecided of which major to pursuit, forming new relationships are definitely challenging. However, with the help and encouragements from my mentors and peers, I learned how to manage life at Duke. If you are undergoing struggles or just want to talk with someone, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me. I would love to listen to you and support you!


Evan – he/him/his

rush, loneliness, friends, missing home, student of color, disordered eating, body image

Hello! I’m a junior from Honolulu, Hawaii majoring in biology. I love to try new cuisines, hike, and snorkel. Going to college so far away from home, I had a difficult time adjusting to a new culture and social scene. However, given time and advice from upperclassmen who had similar experiences, I was able to find my place at Duke. Please don’t hesitate to reach out; I look forward to meeting you and lending my ear and shoulder.


Julie – she/her/hers

rush, mental health, friends, family, missing home, international student, sexual assault, relationships, grief/loss

Hi everyone! My name is Julie and I’m a senior here at Duke. I’m pursuing an interdepartmental major in psychology and visual media studies with the hopes of continuing onto medical school after college. As much as I loved my first year at Duke, it definitely took a while before I felt comfortable calling it my home away from home. At first, it seemed impossible to make new friends with whom I can share the same level of intimacy I had with friends from back home. Even after my first semester, I still had difficulty opening up to even my closest friends here because it just felt weird exposing myself to people I had met only a few months ago. It did take some courage, but whenever I did talk to them about my problems, it really really helped. Now I know that simply talking to even just one person about your problem (even if they may not have a solution) can really put things into perspective and have a cathartic effect. I am here to be that person for you. Feel free to talk to me about anything—from coping with the death of a loved one, to combating the perpetuation of “effortless perfection” here on campus, to dealing with a breakup. I’d love to hear your story and walk by your side through your journey here at Duke.


Katherine – she/her/hers

Hi! I am Katherine. I am a current senior. I am majoring in psychology, minoring in education, and getting the I&E certificate. I grew up in Concord, MA right outside of Boston. At Duke I play on the club lacrosse team and am part of a sorority. I love spending time with friends especially if it is outside. I love going to the gardens as well. When I started at Duke I did not have a clue as to what I was interested in and I was one of those people who decided their major right before the deadline. I have often felt that I am still not sure what I am most passionate about and when people ask me what kind of job I want I still don’t totally know. Overall, I have loved Duke and found myself happy here with the friends I have made, but it has its ups and downs. I struggle often with the pace of Duke and felt that sometimes it can feel like a lonely place to be with everyone so focused on their own stuff. I have come to realize we all have our own struggles, even those who seems to be the most put together. I am here for you and would love to chat if you want to.


Kathryn – she/her/hers

rush, mental health, loneliness, disordered eating, sexual assault, relationships, body image

Hey there! I’m Kathryn Silberstein, I’m originally from South Florida I use she/her/hers pronouns, and I’m currently a senior studying neuroscience with minors in bio and global health. I don’t really know what I want to with my life yet, but I know I want to be doing something in the realm of patient care. Some things that might be relevant as far as PFY goes: I’ve struggled with some deep-rooted self esteem issues and anxiety for most of my life, both manifesting in different ways over time. My first year at Duke was really hard for me, I spent most of it lonely and overwhelmed, and I struggled a lot. I feel more at home at Duke now, but Duke is still hard in a lot of ways, and often, and I’m working on believing that that’s okay. The chaos of the past few months has made life harder in different ways for everyone—and the lives we lived or expected to live at Duke are undoubtedly changed. Duke is hard, and right now we are all facing a lot of unexpected challenges and struggles, and I would love to be a friendly face and voice however I can be 🙂


Lauren – she/her/hers

rush, mental health, loneliness, friends, LGBTQ+, relationships, body image

Hi! My name is Lauren, and I’m a senior from Westchester, NY. I’m majoring in Sociology with a minor in Global Health. I’m involved with an SLG, Jewish life, tour guides, WISER, and BOW. I like to spend my time reading and/or being outside. My time at Duke has been filled with highs and lows in terms of friends, organizations, academics, and mental health. If you want to talk, I’d love to listen and help in any way I can.


Lily – she/her/hers

rush, mental health, loneliness, friends, family, missing home, sexual assault, relationships, grief/loss, body image 

Hi, I’m Lily, and I’m a sophomore from Doylestown, Pennsylvania, and I grew up in Singapore. I’m currently planning to major in Chinese and Economics and am considering a possible minor as well! I love watching game shows, baking with friends, and traveling. My experience at Duke has been great overall, but I have definitely experienced the academic and social pressures that it brings. Feel free to reach out about anything; I’m always here to listen.


Linus – he/him/his

rush, loneliness, friends, family, missing home, lgbtq, student of color

Hi there! My name’s Linus, and I’m a sophomore majoring in Chemistry and minoring in Medical Sociology. I’m a member of StreetMed and DefMo, and I’m doing research in the Lefkowitz Lab. On campus, you’ll probably find me in line for my fourth cup of iced coffee from Vondy or randomly and (not-so)subtly dancing to myself in public places despite the very apparent lack of music playing. Feel free to say hi!


Lizzy – she/her/hers

rush, mental health, family, racial identity, sexual assault, domestic violence/abuse

Hey I’m Lizzy, a sophomore from Houston, Texas, and I’m currently thinking of studying Psychology and/or Biology. I’m really into sports and fitness, and I’m planning on pursuing sports medicine or physical therapy. Please reach out to me for absolutely anything! I promise to respect your story, give you my full attention, and walk through any situation with you.


Lydia – she/her/hers

mental health, loneliness, friends, family, relationships

Heyo! My name is Lydia, and I’m from Los Angeles, California. I’m a pre-med student majoring in Neuroscience and minoring in Computer Science at Duke. Some things I enjoy doing to relax are hiking, walking around Duke Gardens, and talking with friends. Being at Duke has definitely had its ups and downs, and I know it can definitely get stressful. Please feel free to reach out to me about anything!


Mal – she/her/hers

rush, mental health, loneliness, friends, missing home, low-income/first-generation student, sexual assault, relationships, grief/loss, body image

Hi! I’m Mal and I’m a sophomore potentially majoring in Public Policy Studies with a minor in Psychology. I’m from Philly so I love being able to visit restaurants and stores in Durham but also take a break from the city at Duke with the gardens and forest. I’m also a first-generation college student so I know how it feels to feel a bit out of the loop with college life but I love being able to take it all in every day! Rush was also a major part of my second semester freshman year and can be stressful but super fun if you make the most out it. I’m excited to sit down and have a chat about just about anything so please reach out if you ever need someone to listen 🙂


Melody – she/her/hers

mental health, loneliness, friends, family, missing home, racial identity, body image, religion,  not rushing (being independent)

Hello! I’m Melody and I’m a sophomore from Folsom, CA who’s planning on majoring in history with a chemistry minor. I love spending time outdoors, playing tennis, and practicing taekwondo. Settling into life at Duke and finding my place on campus felt challenging at times, and I want this transition to be as smooth and as rewarding as possible for others. I’m here to listen and chat with anyone who is looking to share their experiences!


*Michael W. – he/him/his

loneliness, friends, family, missing home, LGBTQ+, international student, student of color, low-income/first-generation student

Hi! I’m Michael, a senior who grew up in Taipei, Taiwan and Johannesburg, South Africa. I’m studying biology and sociology and plan to attend graduate school to pursue a career in research. I enjoy hiking/backpacking, dancing, and being intentional with my friendships and relationships. Duke can be a very difficult place to grow and become comfortable because of the “effortless perfection” that everyone else seems to have. Please don’t hesitate to reach out – I’m here to listen and help however I can!


Olivia – she/her/hers

loneliness, grief/loss, friends, family, missing home, student of color, disordered eating, body image, relationships, academic stress

Hello! I’m Olivia! I’m a student from Houston, and I’m studying chemistry and history here at Duke. I love ice-cream, all kinds of art, and exploring outside. When I first came to Duke, I really struggled to find my place and friends here. Adjusting to a place where I knew nobody was hard, and it took time to learn to become comfortable in a place that challenged me in so many ways. Taking time to nurture my relationships with people and learning to be vulnerable with others really helped. I know that right now can be a difficult time, with so many adjustments to new situations. Please do not hesitate to reach out. I’m here to listen to your story and anything that you might be going through, from dealing with loneliness, to academic stress, to dealing with relationships and loss.


Pierce – he/him/his

rush, mental health, loneliness, friends, family, missing home, relationships, grief/loss, religion

Hey, I’m Pierce, a sophomore from Houston, TX. I am majoring in Neuroscience but love to study all kinds of things from history to global health. Outside of class I volunteer at Immaculata Catholic School and work on clinical trial transparency at Duke. I joined Peer for You because I had a lot of trouble adjusting to college and figuring out my priorities. I also want to help people have more frank conversations about stress and mental health.


Samantha – she/her/hers

rush, mental health, loneliness, friends, family, missing home

Hi! My name is Samantha. I’m a junior from Houston, Texas. I’m premed and an English major, and I enjoy watching comedy specials, creative writing, and dancing. Being at Duke can be immensely rewarding, but it can also be intimidating and stressful, and that’s okay. Whatever the situation, I’ll always listen; feel free to reach out!


Shawin – he/him/his

mental health, loneliness, friends, family, missing home, body image, academics

Hi there 🙂 My name is Shawin, and I’m a rising sophomore planning to study neuroscience and global health. Nothing’s set in stone though, and I’m super open to exploring before settling down. I was born in Bangkok but have lived most of my life in the US. Having moved around frequently as a kid – Thailand, Canada, Washington, Virginia – I’d love to chat more about what home means to you, and where Duke might fit into the picture! I’m a huge fan of contemporary R&B and Studio Ghibli. Above all else, you deserve to be loved and supported. I’m here for you.


Simran – she/her/hers

rush, mental health, loneliness, friends, family, missing home, student of color, disordered eating, relationships, grief/loss, body image

Hi! My name is Simran and I am a current junior from Long Island, NY majoring in “Narratives of Health” (self-designed Program II) with the hopes of going to medical school after graduation. In my free time, I love to play tennis, do digital art, bake, and binge-watch The Office on Netflix! I decided to join PFY because although Duke is an amazing place, it can be really overwhelming and isolating at times, and I want other students to know that their feelings are valid and they are loved. I personally struggled a lot during freshman year with disordered eating, loneliness, and academic pressures, but I was fortunate enough to find mentors who were willing to support me and validate my feelings. Whether you want to talk about academic stress, body image issues, relationship issues, or anything else, I am always here to listen and support you in any way that I can!


Sophie – she/her/hers

rush, mental health, loneliness, friends, family, missing home, sexual assault, relationships, body image

Hi! My name is Sophie, and I’m a junior studying Statistics and Public Policy and minoring in Education; I hope to work in education policy. I’m from Greensboro, NC (about an hour drive from Duke), and I love to be outside, hang out with friends, bake, and listen to new music. I have had a decent number of ups and downs during my past two years at Duke, including adjusting to being away from home, introduction to sorority life, making new friends, changing my major/career path, and more. Duke can feel intimidating and it may take time to find your niche, but it is well worth the search. If you’d like to chat about anything, please reach out! I am here to listen.


Wesley  – he/him/his

mental health, loneliness, friends, family, relationships, body image

Hi friend! I am a junior pursuing a major in neuroscience and a minor in computer science. I am born and raised in Rolesville, North Carolina, a suburb of Raleigh about 45 minutes from Duke. I love performing close up sleight of hand magic (please ask to see a trick!), playing sports and running, having philosophical conversations, learning music, and hearing about other people’s passions. Please come talk with me about anything that is on your mind! 🙂 Please continue to stay safe and take care of your physical, mental, and emotional health during this time of extreme uncertainty and difficulty. #YouAreSoLoved


if a name has an asterisk next to it, that means that peer responder is a mandatory reporter







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