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about us

who we are
Peer for You is a student-run resource that promotes wellbeing by providing the space for undergraduate students to reach out to peers for support and referrals. Students can reach out to our Peer Responders, who are trained by CAPS and DuWell, about anything from academic stress and homesickness to rush and student life. Peer Responders are here to provide support, refer students to other resources when needed, and offer the point of view of a peer.

how to reach a peer responder
Peer Responders can talk to students one-on-one with Coffee Chats. Students can fill out this form to talk to a Peer Responder. Students can choose the Peer Responder they want to talk to or ask a Peer Responder to be matched with them based on topic. All Coffee Chats can be done in-person (socially distant) or through Zoom. Peer Responders will reach out within 24 hours!

our vision
Peer for You envisions a Duke campus where students feel freer to share their struggles and difficulties with one another and are no longer intimidated by notions of “effortless perfection.” We hope to foster a more supportive Duke community by encouraging students to be more open and honest with themselves and each other.