About Us


Peer for You is a student-run resource that provides the space for undergraduate students to reach out and seek feedback and referrals to overcome times of struggle.  Any Duke student can send a message to one of our Peer Responders that describes a struggle or challenge that they are currently facing.  The selected Peer Responder will respond to the message within 24 hours. We hope these conversations will facilitate the sharing of personal experiences and that referrals will encourage students to make use of existing, supportive resources.


Peer Responders have been selected through a two-part application process and trained by CAPS personnel to ensure familiarity with common student challenges.  The expectations of the Peer Responders’ responses are to provide support, refer to other resources when needed, and offer the point of view of a peer.


We feel that many undergraduate challenges can be “nipped in the bud” if addressed early on. The mission of Peer for You is to make it easy for any Duke student to reach out and find what they need in a time of mental struggle.  This range includes the ability to express oneself in a message and reach out to a peer, getting personalized feedback and support, and being connected to appropriate resources.  We hope that the accessibility of Peer for You will help students make the most of their Duke experience.  Our hope is that students will make use of our Peer Responders to seek guidance when they are feeling the weight of any sort of challenge in their lives but recognize that Peer for You is not an appropriate resource for an emergency situation.


Peer for You envisions a Duke campus where students feel freer to share their struggles and difficulties with one another and are no longer intimidated by notions of “effortless perfection.” We hope to foster a more supportive Duke community by encouraging students to be more open and honest with themselves and each other. Through on campus events and campaigns as well as our website, we hope that the presence of Peer for You on campus takes a positive step in this direction by providing a student resource to go to in times of need.

Privacy Agreement

We realize that it’s easier for some students to express their thoughts and feelings without their identity being exposed. We respect your privacy and would not release or publish anything you share to the public or Duke community.  We have responsibilities to support and ensure the safety of those who seek our help, and we will be very selective in identifying you to professionals if your safety or the safety of another person is in question because of what you share with us.  We will take steps to respect and maintain your privacy as much as possible.  However, we cannot offer complete confidentiality.